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About Small Cap Canada

At Small Cap Canada we focus on TSX, TSX.V & CSE situations with high breakout potential through Indicator Analysis, Chart Analysis, Trading Analysis, Formation and Signal Research, Fundamental Research, News Watch and other methods we have fine-tuned over our combined 40 years of market experience.

How it works:

Us: Our team’s methods discover an upcoming “breakout potential” situation in the Canadian markets

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Be patient, great things come to those who wait. We do not send many alerts, but when we do, you will want to take notice. Timing is everything and we ask that you watch and research at this point, but you are always free to unsubscribe at any time.

At Small Cap Canada we believe in providing our subscribers with only the best Canadian stock market profile alerts & tips and nothing less. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced trader looking to get into small caps & penny stocks or if you’re just starting out in the stock market and need help. Small Cap Canada will help you find those hidden gems in the Canadian stock markets.

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Recent Winners

Want to up your penny stock game? The volatility often seen in small caps can lead to a high level of excitement! Here are some examples of companies we’ve recently profiled for our readers just like you:

*Some figures and/or symbols may have been changed due to stock splits and/or company name changes.

Trading School

As a new part of our newsletter, in addition to uncovering & delivering “Hidden Gems” on the TSX & CSE with high volatility potential, we also educate our subscribers through information-filled guides, tips and more. Learn the basics and differences of technical analysis - extrapolating possible future outcomes by drawing lines on a chart - and “value investing” through fundamental analysis - gleaning insights from critical financial statements. Through countless hours of experience we have compiled a vast amount of knowledge on trading and investing in small caps, penny stocks and the Canadian stock markets in general. And we love to share what we've learned with our subscribers.

Through Small Cap Canada’s Trading School you will learn:

All About Canadian Small Caps & Penny Stocks

The Chart Breakout & Chart Setups

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis

Trading + Understating Brokers & Who Makes the Markets


What is Small Cap Canada?

With so many stock symbols out there, the average day trader doesn’t have the time to properly research all of them and make the best pick, especially with the large selection of small, growth companies - the “Hidden Gems” that most larger firms don’t follow. Small Cap Canada has a dedicated team of seasoned researchers with decades of experience. Our team spends their days researching promising stocks on the TSX, TSX.V, and CSE exchanges so that you can get timely profile alerts for small caps and penny stocks with maximum breakout potential. We have the experience and we put in the time and effort so that you have the information you need at the time you need it.

Subscription to our newsletter is absolutely 100% free. Small Cap Canada delivers stock ideas and profile alerts to subscribers via email and text messages to your cell phone. We will never ask for your payment information, and will never start charging for our information.

How often will I be receiving stock profiles from Small Cap Canada?

We usually send out email updates a few times per month. The reason we send out our newsletter much less frequently than other lesser penny stock newsletters is because we research our profiles much more extensively and only alert our subscribers when we find a situation worthy of the attention of our readers.

I’m new to stock trading, is Small Cap Canada a good newsletter for beginners?

Yes, definitely. Small Cap Canada is especially great for those new to the markets because on top of our great profiles and stock ideas we also send out frequent guides and information to help educate you in the markets. With only a few top stock profiles per month, you'll have plenty of time to research each stock profile as you take advantage of our tools and tips to learn the ins and outs of the markets.

Is my email address safe with Small Cap Canada?

Yes, absolutely! We will only email you when we have a hot stock profile, which is just a few updates per month. We are serious about protecting our subscriber privacy and will never spam you or sell your email address.

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